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I have just started the development of my next Android app. The working title is Actions for Notes. It will be a for free Android app.

The app will be able to synchronize ToDos with Lotus Notes/Domino. You will be able to work with ToDos offline on an Android device.

It is going to be a long time before a beta will be available I am afraid. My first shot at the app made it extremely visible to me how a proper Object Oriented Java application is so much easy to maintain. I tried to re-use large chunks of code from Braindump to Notes, but that code was such a mess that I just could not use it in my new app.
The Actions for Notes app will probably have about double the code size of Braindump, and I would not be able to maintain the overview building on Classes that were extremely coupled and with not very well defined jobs.

No, I will have to revert to the Objects First principles. So I am now in the process of building an Action Class, an ActionList Class and then feeding those xml from ReadViewEntries. Very far from a nice UI. This is very very basic stuff that just has to work properly before I even start to build a UI.

I don't code Java in my daily work So it's slow going, having to read up on everything but the most basic Java Classes. SAX parsing for instance.

Here is a mockup of what i imagine the UI is going to be like. Very basic:
A picture named M2

At the top you can select which Category to display. Below it you see which ToDos are in the selected category.

Long-pressing a ToDo will let you edit it.


Gravatar Image1 - Im more into Xcode and iPhone/iPad stuff. But i think notes todos is a great place to start, both in terms of comlexities and value.
I stopped using notes a year ago, and i kinda miss the playing around with notes integration to new techonogies ...

Gravatar Image2 - @1 Thanks very much Ethann.
It's the app I have been wanting very much too. Which makes the project so attractive to me Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - That's awesome. It's the app I've been waiting for! Let me know if you need any help.

Gravatar Image4 - @brian yeah, notes is the ever growing swiss army knife Emoticon
Ipad an all things i are cool though.
At convergens we're lookin at xpages with the pads. Both i an android




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