Installing a Compaq WL100 Wireless 11-Mbps PC Card on Windows 2000 - driver available here

You have arrivede at my personal website which is usually in Danish.

I have now spent hours trying to figure out how to install the Compaq WL-100 PCMICA card on an IBM laptop running Windows 2000.

The problem? Finding the driver. I just couldn't find it on the Compaq/HP support website.

Finally I downloaded the driver for Windows XP. And now it looks like it's working. I haven't got access to a wireless access point right now, but Windows 2000 looks like it's happy now (my Windows 2000 is Danish, but I'ms sure you'll recognize the Network Adapters part):
Network adapter

Try searching for this text on the HP/Compaq support site, and you'll find the same driver: "Compaq WL100 Wireless 11-Mbps PC Card Support Software for Windows XP". Or search for "sp21265".

Here's the contents of a directory on my local machine. The directory is called sp21265:
(file removed)

When I told Windows to look there for the driver it went all warm and happy