Lotus Traveler client - Lotus is in contact with me on my Auto sync problem

I wrote a post on the Notes.net Notes/Domino 8.5 forum last week (Traveler auto sync works and then stops working). And someone in Lotus responded there.
He asked me to create a Support Incident. But unfortunately I can't do that as I am a Business Partner, not a Lotus customer. So I suggested that he should write me an email.
And what happens - he sent me an email asking me for log files. I have just sent him a fresh package generated off my Nokia E65. I sure hope they can fix it.
One of my colleagues suggest that it could have something to do with the firmware on my Phone. Mine is called "3.0633.69.00 06-02-08 RM-208 Nokia E65", while his - also an E65 - starts with a 4, not a 3. I have asked my Nokia PC suite to look for a newer firmware but it tells me that I have the newest one available. My guess is that the hardware in my phone is older even if it is still an E65.