Does DAOS help us with the 64 GB limit on NSFs?

We have a customer who has a NSF that is approaching the 64 GB limit on NSF files. The NSF is full of File attachments.
We had a discussion, but I can't find the answer:
Let's say I DAOS-enable this NSF that now, today is reported as having a size of perhaps 50 GB , and the DAOS-enabling moves perhaps 40 GB of Attachments to the disk system and out of the NSF.
I am pretty sure that the Properties box of the database will still report the database as taking up 50 GB - the original size.
But I am also pretty sure that when i look at the OS-level and take a look at the NSF file on disk, it will be taking up only the 10 GB that is actually in the database.

The official IBM guidelines say that going beyond a NSF size of 64 GB is not supported. Here is the question: That 64 GB limit is that when looking at the Property box or is it when you look on the file system size of the NSF?


1 - The properties box size is the size Domino "thinks" the database would be if DAOS was not enabled. If you look in Dom Admin at the files tab, there are now two columns; Physical and Logical. Logical is what DB props shows.
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Gravatar Image2 - File size, Daniel Nashed has tested this: { Link }
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The TechNote - { Link } - was written a long time ago. And therefore nobody at that time thought it important to specify whether the file size limit is the Notes property or the actual on-disk size of the NSF. At the time those would be approximately the same. Today they might not be the same.
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