Measuring Lotus Traveler traffic consumption on Nokia E65

he last couple of weeks I have done a small study. I wanted to know how much data my Lotus Traveler client was transferring. I am on a data plan where I pay per megabyte, so the number of course is of interest to me and the people who pay my phone bill.

My average transfer is just short of 300 Kbytes every 24 hours. This is the average measured over a period of two complete weeks. So I wille end up in transferring about 9 Megabytes every month.

I use Traveler for:

Email synchronisation

Just the inbox, no other folders. I work in a way where my inbox is supposed to be empty. I move emails out of the Inbox when they have been handled in some fashion. I am following the GTD practice, using the eProductivity email template.
I receive about 30 emails every day.
I send about one email from the actual device per day. I send lots more from my Notes client of course, but they do not sync.

Folders = None subscribed
Remove mail after = 5 days
Importance = All messages

Calendar synchronisation

Show past events = 1 month.
Show upcoming events = 6 months
Show Tasks = Show incomplete only

Other applications (contacts)

Just the contacts. I have about 100 of those.

Here is how I did the measuring. Not very scientific or fancy at all.
On my Nokia E65 I did like this:

Menu button->Log->Left->Packet data
Here You can see the data transferred inbound and outbound since the last reset of the counters.

To reset the counter:
Options->Clear counters
You will probably need a "Lock code" now that probably is not the same as when you turn on the device..... I found out that the default value for this code is "12345".
Now the counter is reset. Return in a week and have a look at the counter, divide by seven and you have an approximate daily useage.
Oh yes.... This method will measure all data traffic of course. So if you do web surfing or have other bits of software that will transfer data, the data useage of those will be included in the numbers.

When I wanted to reset my counter, it complained that it could not reset when there was an active Data Packet connection. I fiexed that by opening tge Lotus Traveler settings and then turning off automatic synchronisation, then resetting the counter and then turning on the Traveler synchronisation again.