Waiting for my DROID (Motorola Milestone)

I just placed an order for the Motorola Milestone - aka Droid outside Europe.

This is a computer that is also a mobile phone, not a Mobile that can do some web surfing.

I have had the pleasure of borrowing a HTC Hero for a couple of weeks and there was no doubt that the Android-based devices are very interesting.
Of course I have considered going for the iPhone 3GS, but it just does not match my profile. I want a device that I will be able to have a lot of control over. It's a bit like the Linux/Windows/Mac considerations when choosing a laptop.
With Mac or Windows there is a lot of order and a set look and feel to things. But there is a price to that - you have less options when customizing the experience, you have to pay for a lot of the applications you install.
Motorola Milestone

When going for Linux, things are a bit more messy, the look and feel is not as rounded and everything does not always work as expected. Same thing with Android - the freedom to set things up like you want them.
I have tested PIM synchronization between Android and Lotus Traveler, and it works fine with the TouchDown app. PIM synchronization was a must.
I have chosen the Motorola Milestone because it looks to me like it is the Android device that at this moment has come the longest way. It's fast, it has a physical keyboard, it runs the most current version of Android and it has a good solid, industrial feel to it.