Lotus Notes email calendar and contacts on Android - Traveler client on its way

At the LotusPhere 2010 General Opening Session, there was of course lots of new stuff being announced. One of those things was how Lotus was expanding the Lotus Traveler products.
Lotus Traveler is a Lotus Domino server component that enables mobile devices to synchronize PIM (email, calendar, contacts and to-do) with the user's data on the Domino server.
Right now this feature is available on the Apple iPhone, Nokia Symbian S60 and on Windows Mobile devices. The exact set of features available on the different devices is not 100% the same. For instance there has not been an option for synchronizin todos to the iPhone.

Here is what I noted on new features for Traveler:

The iPhone gets a new client called the Lotus Notes Traveler Companion which enables the user to read encrypted email.
The Android line of devices gets official support through a new client built for Android version 2.0 and 2.1.

That's just great to hear. I have just recently acquired the Motorola Milestone and I will be looking forward to getting a better client for synchronizing my PIM.

I found a screen dump from an Android device showing a Lotus Traveler icon: IBM Lotus to Deliver collaboration software to Android devices and Nokia Symbian smartphones.

An interesting bit here is the second icon from the right: "Sametime". A Sametime client has not been announced for Android.... yet

The Traveler server addon for Domino will be available on the Linux platform, which is great news to me. I will be able to kill off that extra Domino server I had to get installed in our server environment because it used to be Windows only.

Ed Brill has more information here: Lotusphere 2010: Lotus Notes Traveler in 2010.