Motorola Milestone will get Android 2.2 update

I just read on the official Motorola Europe Facebook page that the Motorola Milestone will be getting an update to FroYo. In Europe. In other parts of the world it has not yet been decided if the upgrade will be available or not. The Droid twin of the Milestone is (I believe) getting the FroYo upgrade right now.
The upgrade for Europe is scheduled to start rolling out by the end of the year (2010).
FroYo is Android version 2.2, and it is a very important update.
Most important (to me) is the inclusion of a Just In Time (JIT) compiler. This should have two major impacts on the Milestone experience: Longer battery life and speedier execution of apps. So you can both have more cake and you will be able to eat it too.
Here is a more xtensive list of what's new: Android 2.2 Platform Highlights.