2 win servers replaced by one Linux for Traveler

I have just shut down the two Windows-based Domino servers we had for Lotus Traveler synchronization.
Instead we have the Traveler server running with our main mail server as it is just one of the Domino server tasks you can have on a Linux-based Domino server.
Lotus Traveler for Linux-based Domino servers just got available with Domino 8.5.2.
The only hiccup we had was that our sole iPhone user had an issue that was quickly resolved. When he initially configured his Traveler client to sync with the new server, the configuration on his client lacked the path for the traveler servlet.
This was fixed by filling out a field on the Server document, the Lotus Traveler tab and the field help text is External Server URL, which by default is blank. I filled it in with http://server.convergens.dk/servlet/traveler and then restarted the Traveler task, and now he could get his configuration.
I did not move any files or configuration settings from the old Windows-based servers to the new one. I just changed our DNS to point to the new server.