Getting started with Java and Android - my basic advice

I was asked about how to get started with both Java and Android at the same time. Here is my take on how to get started:
I don't know any resource for your situation - both getting started with Java and Android.
My best guess is that you will have to start out with just a getting started with Java resource and when you have had some success with that you move to looking at Android.
The problem with getting started with both at the same time is that you will want to quickly move to a complete app experience, and doing that will make you overlook the very important Java Basics.
It's like if you want to build your own car, and you know nothing about cars. You really need to learn about a lot of other stuff before you do complicated stuff like putting an engine together, building a braking system etc.

There is good and there is bad Java coding, and you really really have to learn about Object oriented thinking before you move to what you really wanted to do.
If that is OK with you, I would suggest a book called Objects First with Java. I learned Java from that:

When you have completed that, I don't know of any printed books about Android development. I know that they exist.
I got what I needed from and And Google of course.