NotesDocument with MIME content will not display in a view

A colleague and I have been trying to understand what is going on with Lotus Notes documents with MIME content. They just do not behave like they should.
I have a really simple setup.

  • My mail database.
  • A target database.
  • In the mail database i have a folder called "mimefolder".
  • In the target database I have an agent. The agent (run from the Actions menu) gets a handle to my mail Database, gets a handle to the mimefolder and the a handle to the first document in that folder.
  • Then the agent does a Set targetDoc = maildoc.CopyToDatabase(curDb)

That's it.
And what happens is that SOME of the source documents - when copied to the target database - never show up in my (SELECT @ALL) views.
I am sure that it has something to do with MIME. The documents that have this behaviour all contain MIME in the Body item.
It is not all the documents that contain MIME that show this behaviour.
The documents do not have any Readers Items.
The Documents that i copy are definately in the target database. I can access them using the backend classes where i can pull for instance the content of the Subject item.

My thought here is that a NotesDocument that has MIME content somehow does not follow the usual model for how the NotesItems are stored on the NotesDocument. Still, though, SELECT @ALL aught to at least get the document in the view.

I hope someone has an explanation. And perhaps a fix too


1 - Are you sure they're not response documents? Does your all documents view in the target db have 'Show response documents in a hierarchy' checkbox on?

Skrevet af / Written by Dan King fra 11:36:36 På 27-10-2011 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image2 - Thanks!

@1 They are not response documents. Good idea though.

@2 That is an interesting idea. I will see what I get from that.

@3 Sorry, no. My targetDatabase contains one view which is flat.

Skrevet af / Written by Jens Bruntt fra 07:23:15 På 27-10-2011 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image3 - Hello,

A good Jeopardy question Emoticon

The first column of your view is categorized and the "Don't show empty categories" is checked ...

Skrevet af / Written by Satourne fra 17:01:06 På 26-10-2011 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image4 - @1 and @5 - You are right. They are response documents.
I am surprised that they could be responses. I will have to look into the process that brought these documents in to my source database.

Skrevet af / Written by Jens Bruntt fra 17:33:01 På 27-10-2011 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image5 - If the number of documents in the target database goes up correctly, trying emailing yourself a link (or series of links) from the target document. You can do this as part of the script that copies over. I've used this a few times to help me get an idea about just this type of thing.

Skrevet af / Written by Brian Moore fra 16:29:29 På 26-10-2011 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image6 - Are these documents Response documents?
Skrevet af / Written by Lauri Laanti fra 14:57:15 På 26-10-2011 | - Hjemmeside - |