Android app that replicates with Domino Discussion Databases

Here is a screen dump from a Domino discussion database

And here you see the same content in an Android app I am currently working on

On the left we have the Main documents, and on the right we see the subject, author and Body from the "main Document #1 (has responses)".
After the Body text the app lists any response documents that are responses for the currently selected document.

If I click one of the responses I get to see the Subject, Author and Body of the response.

The app can be configured to replicate multiple Domino Discussiondatabases.
The app stores a copy of the database content in a local database.
Replication (or rather "replication") can be scheduled (for example every 2 minutes, every hour or every day).

The server and database has to be Domino Data Service enabled for the replication to work.
On the Internet Site document:

And the database properties:

This will require the server to be R9. Or you can run it with R 8.5.x with either the Extension Library or the Upgrade Pack.

I am planning for the app to be free and Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license.