DomDisc for Android 1.1 released

I have just released version 1.1 of DomDisc for Android.
It is available on the Android Market, on and on the GitHub repository.

New features are:

  • Possible to choose a category from existing categories when composing a new thread. Or you can add a new.
  • Displaying modified dates in views.
  • Two ways of sorting views available. Newest first or Hot treads.

Also has some optimizations and graphics to point new users in the right direction (getting to the configuration part of the app).
If you already have the app installed, Google Play should either automatically update or prompt you to do so.

As part of the upgrade the local database is going to be emptied. This means you will have to configure existing replication again. This is not very user friendly and handling of this in a better way will be in a future release.