Domino Data Service API changes @href content with Domino 9.0.1

I just noticed an important change in the Domino Data Service API that I am pretty sure has happened when I upgraded a Domino server to the latest release - 9.0.1.
I also am pretty sure that it had not yet changed in version 9.0.

I am accessing the http://hostname/path/database.nsf/api/data/documents URL in order to get a list of all documents in the database.

This will get me a very compact JSON representation of the documents. For each document I get a @modified, a @unid and a @href.
What has changed is the contents of the @href field.

Here is the output from an IBM Domino 9.0.1 server:

And here is the output from a server that is (at this moment) IBM Domino version 9.0:

The URL in the @href field has switched from being absolute to being relative.

If you are using this way of retrieving lists of documents you will likely want to change your code. Making sure that you prefix relative URLs with a fitting protocol, hostname and possibly a port too before accessing the documents that the @href points to.

I have had a look in the documentation for the API, and it looks like it has changed too.
Here is the Document collection GET for version 9.0.1. Look at the sample output.
And here is the same bit for Document collection GET for version 8.5.3. Again - check the sample output.

If you want to have a look at the Domino Data Service API, here is a General Domino Data Service reference.