DomDisc 1.4 beta with notifications

This week I was happy to be presenting at the DanNotes user group meeting in Korsør, Denmark. This was on november 27th.
I had a one hour slot where I told the audience about how I had done the central bits in the DomDisc Android app - the Open Sourced app that is available from The central bits being authenticating with IBM Domino and reading and writing data using the IBM Domino Data Service API. All from a Native Android app.
If you are interested, I put my slides on Slideshare. They are in Danish, but I think that people lacking in that particular linguistic area will probably be able to get something from clicking through them.
During the presentation I was showing how to do a code change in the app.
I added a feature that I have found missing in the app: Notifications when the app has replicated succesfully.

Based on that code I have just updated the (more official) DomDisc code with some notification capabilities.
You can opt in or out. If you want the notifications, you can configure the app to notify. Including the option to push the notifications to your Pebble Smartwatch.
The app can tell you if replication has been failing for an app. It can also tell you when new discussion entries have been added to the local database.

If you would like to try out this beta, you will need to be a member of the Google+ DomDisc for Android community.
The code is also in the GitHub development-tree