POSTing to a Domino server using curl

curl is a command line tool that will let you execute all kinds of requests that will make the computer you are at interact with services on the LAN or internet.

I have had a need to post data to a IBM Notes database hosted on Domino - using just the command line.

Here are the raw example commands to do just that.

First I needed to login to the server. The Domino server I was accessing was configured to use session authentication, using DomAuthSessID, but the example here would work with LtpaToken too.

curl --data "username=jbr&password=secret" -c cookie.txt "

This command will log you in and put the cookie that is issued by the server in a file called cookie.txt.

Then here is how to post to a Discussion database type IBM Notes database.

curl --data "subject=testsubject&body=testbody" --cookie cookie.txt ""