Lotus Traveler Auto Sync problem on Nokia E65 - Fix is on the way

I have recently blogged a couple of times about my issues with the Automatic Synchronization feature of the Lotus Traveler client on my Nokia E65 Symbian phone. Link: Lotus Traveler - still not stable Auto sync on Nokia E65
Most of the time the client works just fine. But every 4-6 hours the synchronisation stops. The client has a status page that tells me that the "Device is currently up to date" which it is not.
I wrote about my problem on the Notes/Domino 8.5 forum on notes.net, and this led to an engineer at Lotus getting in contact with me. I have supplied him with log files from my device, and he has just told me that a fix for my problem will probably be released within a couple of weeks. Great!


1 - Sorry, no I don't.
And I haven't opened my own PMR because I work for a Business Partner, and I don't have a customer with the issue yet.
I can't open a PMR just for myself Emoticon
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Gravatar Image2 - Do you have a SPR# so I could refer to this number when opening a PMR?
Skrevet af / Written by Ulrich Krause fra 11:37:01 På 19-02-2009 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image3 - I have opened a formal PMR now
Skrevet af / Written by Ulrich Krause fra 08:06:10 På 23-02-2009 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image4 - The fix is now available on Fix Central { Link }
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Gravatar Image5 - Thanks.
I can see that the fix also contains improvements that will lessen the impact on battery life, which is also nice.
But of course, the auto sync issue is what is the most interesting. I will patch my server today.
Skrevet af / Written by Jens Bruntt fra 08:09:37 På 25-02-2009 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image6 - @8 This could be because you have a different problem.
The problem that has been fixed here is when AutoSync is working like it should but then stops working.
It sounds to me like your AutoSync has never worked, and then the issue is a different one.
Skrevet af / Written by Jens Bruntt fra 11:47:01 På 05-03-2009 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image7 - Thank you very much for this info! I have the same problem with sync on my Nokia E61i. Good to know that I am not the only one Emoticon
Skrevet af / Written by Ulrich Krause fra 12:16:52 På 18-02-2009 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image8 - You're welcome. I will post when I know more.
Skrevet af / Written by Jens Bruntt fra 17:49:43 På 18-02-2009 | - Hjemmeside - |

Gravatar Image9 - Hi,

this fix did not resolve the issue for me.

Always some problem with autosync feature on my nokia e65.

The manual sync always work.
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