Getting started Getting Things Done - the eproductivity prerequisites - my highlights

I am in the process of running through the list on the Getting started page on the eproductivity website.

David Allen certainly sounds like he likes the eproductivity tool.

I have been looking at all the screen dumps. Impressive. My first thoughts are that it looks a bit overwhelming; lots of new features in the mail, calendar (and perhaps the to-do). But I expect that I will be allowed to choose not to use everything right away.
The Weekly Review wizard looks promising.
I see syncing with Nokia Smart Phones mentioned. Interesting – I use a Nokia E65.

Watching the Video Tour. It looks promising. The video to me highlighted two things that I am looking forward to try out:

  • The easy way of creating projects, the related actions and waiting for items.
  • The Weekly Review Coach. Especially that one. I can see how it will help me to more fully do more of the GTD things like “Empty your head”.

I see – synchronising with a device (Palm Treo in the video) of actions and projects will synch to the To-Do itmes on the device. I think that the Lotus Traveler will synchronise Notes' To-do documents. Will be interesting to try out.

There is a demonstration database. You get access to downloading it by watching the “Interactive demo”. The option to download the database is at the end of the video.

I am looking at the demonstration datbase. A few notes:
Contacts stored in the mail database and with an option to synchronise with the Personal Address Book. Interesting. Why?
I like the demonstration database. A simple way of leading you through the main features.
When going through the Weekly Review Coach I can see that I will probably benefit the most from the tool if I re-read some of the Getting Things Done book. I am pretty sure that the book has clear instructions on for instance the “what is it”, what's the next action, Do/Delegate/Defer things.
Still looking at the demo and doing the Weekly Review I can see that some areas that I have not been doing much in are the ones at the end of the Review – “Review Goals & Objectives”, “Review areas of focus”, “Review relevant checklists”, “Review Reference files & Project Support materials” and the “Someday/Maybe List”. Interesting.

I have some font issues some places in the demonstration. Probably because I am running the demo on Notes 8.5 on Ubuntu Linux with some tweaks done to the fonts... For instance when I create a new Action item and there are fields for dates, there is a text saying “Start” and “Priority”, and there is not enough room for the text, so the t in Start and the y in Priority is displayed on a separate line.

Almost ready to install the template now.