eProductivity 1.74 on it's way - release real soon

I was allowed to test the next Release of eProductivity. The mail template is going to be version 1.74.
Main highlights:

  • Should contain some Linux-oriented fixes. I have problems with the left-navigator's link to the Reference database when switching between Notes on Linux and on WinXP.
  • New Mind Sweep feature.
    The Mind Sweep is like a wizard that helps you quickly collect "what's on your mind" and turn what shows up into GTD Actions. It includes trigger text that is designed to inspire you to remember stuff that could be on your mind if you hadn't let i slip. Theres a better introduction to the new feature here: eProductivity to Sweep Your Mind Clean.

I have not had the possibility to test if the Linux-stuff works as the current pre-release has an issue with license-checking when running on Linux.

I have a feeling that the new release will be out this week.