Weekly Review done - GTD works

I am still using eProductivity - the Getting Things Done mail template that enhances the mail database with GTD functionality.
I upgraded to the 1.74 version of the template this weekend. I had some issues when switching between mail-db replicas on Windows and Linux, and those issues have been fixed in this release.

I just did my Weekly Review. The Weekly look at my stuff: Actions, Projects, Calendar etc. After each of these reviews there is two main things that I can highlight:

  • I feel confident that I know what my commitments are. Both work- and personal commitments. Nothing is forgotten.
  • I am now better at making sure that things don't slip. I now consistenly follow up on emails and projects before there is trouble because everybody involved thought that someone else was handling the issue.
    Pretty good I think

I have been using the eProductivity-based way of doing GTD about two months now, and it does not feel obtrusive. Rather, I now get things into the proper shelves right away, for instance flagging an email for future follow-up. I am happy with my tool.