What's new in the Notes 8-enabled eProductivity GTD template - a couple of new features

I would like to show a couple of new features from the coming Lotus Notes 8-enabled eProductivity template. As this is a preview version, I guess there is no guarantee that they will be in the release.

Save and Add Another

There is now a "Save and Add Another" button available when you are creating or editing an Action. See the illustration below:

This action button makes it easier to plan a project where you know that there will be a number of actions involved. What you do is you create an action. When the form is filled in, you click the Save and Add Another button. This saves/closes the Action and then brings you to a new Action form that you can then fill in. And this of course can be repeated for as many actions as needed.
Very handy. I definately can use use it. I often know need to add two-three actions in a row.

Waiting for check off box

I also like the new possibility for adding "Waiting for" actions a bit faster than before when sending an email.

In "old" eProductivity you have the "After sending this mail create a..." drop down available when composing an email. And from that drop-down you can choose to create and action, and in that action you can then select the "Waiting for" context.
What is new is the possibility of just checking off "Waiting for" (see the illustration above), which will save you a few clicks. When you then send the email, you will get the Action form including the pre-selected "Waiting for" Context.
Not bad.

It's R8-enabled

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the template is now R8-enabled. This does not mean that it is a Composite Application. It does not have the Java Views when you use the Core eProductivity functionality.
It does mean that it runs well in the R8 client and you can click links in the navigator to open up the Inbox or the Calendar as Composite Applications. These have the standard R8 Composite Application design,


The evaluation I have posted is based on my own experience using a preview version of eProductivity. Features as I have described them or shown in screen shots are subject to change. Go to http://www.eproductivity.com for current information. (Posted with permission)