Actions with Notes 0.3 for Android

I just sent the beta testers version 0.3 of Actions with Notes for Android devices.

New in this release:

  • Option to filter Action list to only display Actions tagged with Today flag in eProductivity. Only relevant to eProductivity users. Can be configured from Preferences. And it can be toggled on/off temporaily from the menu.
  • Option to make Actions with no Category (Context in eProductivity) be displayed or not. Configured in Preferences.
  • Actions with no Subject are not displayed in the app.

If you are an eProductivity user you will like the possibility of being able to let the app display only the Actions that are flagged with the Today flag in eProductivity.
You can toggle it on/off from the Menu:

Toggling it off will shrink the number of categories in the drop-down to match only those categories that contain Actions marked with the Today flag.

An example. Here is my At Home category:

Clicking Menu->Today makes it shrink to this list:

You can make your choice permanent in the Preferences.

In my experience, I got no value from Actions that are not Categorized. In eProductivity that would translate into Actions with no Context.
In the Preferences you can now put a check mark in Display Blank Category if you don't agree with me:

In the app i now filter all Actions with no subject away from the user interface. They were just noise.